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Quick rod or screw attachment to the clamp by exerting a slight pressure on the screw or strut in the dedicated clamp area.  Once the strut or screw are inserted, by manually turning a knob, the clamp temporarily locks.  Final locking is achieved by tightening the set screw near the knob using the dedicated screwdriver.

Clamps are color coded: blue for rod attachment, gray for screw attachment

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The system uses Ø12mm carbon fiber rods between 100 and 600 mm. The material is very lightweight and resistant and guarantees good radiotransparency.

Rod-rod clamp

The rod-rod clamp has a quick attachment. The paired knurling between the two rod fasteners assures optimal rotational stability.

Screw clamp

Rod-screw clamp allows for a quick attachment of the screw and rod. There is only one clamp size for 4 to 6 mm screw diameters.

Simple and functional

The clamps have a double locking system: the first to give stability without totally constraining the rods or screws, and the second is definitive using the appropriate wrench.

Multiple clamp

Multiple clamp can be used with rods of 12 mm diameter and screws of 4 to 6 mm diameter. It facilitates the coplanar screw insertion and is interplanar compatible with the 3 hole ClickIt CF clamp. The joint allows for a quick and convenient switch from landscape to portrait configuration (0-90°).

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