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MIKAI TRAUMALong Bone and Pelvic Surgeryy Devices

The emergency and non -emergency treatment of long bone and pelvic fractures is a very important surgical requirement due to increasing auto and motorcycle accident trauma. The use of external fixators had the greatest development in the 1990s with a drive towards finding increasing viable technical and competitive solutions.
Over the years Mikai developed, in collaboration with key Italian opinion leaders, an external fixation system (FEP) for the treatment of long bone fractures.

Mikai continues to focus on the manufacture of highly competitive external fixation products, adapted to the increasing surgeon demands for quality and effectiveness, with the availability of new materials and components, while in strict compliance with established principles.

The multifunctional (FEP) external fixator has not lagged behind in the product evolution, while maintaining the recognized extraordinary versatility and efficiency, today it has been redesigned in a very interesting disposable version designed to meet the precise needs of trauma management.

Long Bone and Pelvic Surgery Devices consist of:

FEP Disposable Kit
FEP is a disposable fixator kit used in the reconstruction and correction of bone segments
FEP Multi-use
FEP multi-use is a reusable and modular fixator used in the reconstruction and correction of bone segments
Blue-shark Pelvic
Blue Shark is a system used for the stabilization of pelvic fractures
Clickit CF
ClickIt CF is a gradual correction/elongation system of an anatomical site
Clickit ER
ClickIt ER is a temporary emergency fixator used for the stabilization of complex fractures