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  • Open or closed long bone fractures
  • Pelvic Fractures
  • Infected and aseptic non‐unions
  • Stabilizer for internal fixation
  • Polytraumas
  • Infections
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ClickIt ER uses Ø 12 mm carbon fiber rods with range between 100 and 600 mm. The material is very lightweight and resistant and guarantees good radiotransparency.

Rod-rod clamp

The rod-rod clamp has a quick attachment. The paired knurling between the two rod assures optimal rotational stability.

Rod-Screw clamp

Rod-screw clamp allows for a quick attachment of a screw and a rod. There is only one clamp size for 4 to 6 mm screw diameters.

Temporary Manual Locking

The clamps have a double locking system. The first on can be done manually to temporary stabilize the frame and take x-rays. The definitive locking is done by using the designated wrench.

Multiple screw clamp

The Multiple clamp can be used with rods of 12 mm diameter and screws of 4 to 6 mm diameter. It facilitates the insertion of coplanar screws.

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