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MIKAI HANDHand Surgery Devices

The hand is a complex limb where structures such as blood vessels, nerves and tendons in direct contact with bone. Often a hand fracture involves several segments and in order to insure total functional recovery, these structures should be respected.

The current trend is a surgical reduction with multiple benefits for the patient, such as early postoperative mobilization and rapid rehabilitation.

Over the years Mikai has developed, together with a group of key opinion leaders, external synthesis systems for each segment of the hand and wrist: the materials, technologies used and dedicated instruments are well suited for any surgical need.

Our ongoing research brings new surgical devices to the market and redesigns of devices in the market.

Hand Surgery Devices include:

STYLO Sterile Kit
The Stylo Sterile Kit is an external fixation system for wrist fracture treatment
MiniStylo kit is a single-use external fixation system for the treatment of hand fractures
SMART System
Smart System is a system of external fixation for the treatment of small bone segment pathologies
BSS screw for correction/reduction of small bone segments available in standard and mini sizes
Traction Tower
Traction system for wrist traction during surgery