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Hand Surgery

Mikai Hand, a division dedicated to the hand, a segment with complex structures such as blood vessels, nerves and tendons which all are in direct contact with the bone

Orthopedic Surgery

Mikai Ortho, a division dedicated to orthopedic surgery, includes among other product designs a device for the correction of tibial varus deformity and another for pediatric flatfoot

Diabetic Foot Treatment

Diabetic Foot, focuses on products enhanced for the treatment of disabling illnesses such as diabetic foot.

Trauma Surgery

Mikai Trauma, a division dedicated to the treatment of emergency and planned trauma cases of long bone and pelvic fractures, addresses the increasing accident trauma cases

Foot Surgery

Mikai Foot, a new division dedicated to the foot, a segment with complex microsurgery near vessels, nerves and tendons

STYLO Sterile Kit
The Stylo Sterile Kit is an external fixation system for wrist fracture treatment
MiniStylo kit is a single-use external fixation system for the treatment of hand fractures
SMART System
Smart System is a system of external fixation for the treatment of small bone segment pathologies
BSS screw for correction/reduction of small bone segments available in standard and mini sizes
Traction Tower
Traction system for wrist traction during surgery
PTA (Progressive Tibial Alignment)
PTA is a dedicated external fixation system for Tibial Varus correction
VCA (Conical Talus Screw)
VCA screw for pediatric flatfoot pathologies
FEP Sterile Kit
FEP is a disposable fixator kit used in the reconstruction and correction of bone segments
FEP Modular Fixator
FEP multi-use is a reusable and modular fixator used in the reconstruction and correction of bone segments
BLUE SHARK Pelvic Fixator
Blue Shark is a system used for the stabilization of pelvic fractures
ClickIt CF
ClickIt CF is a gradual correction/elongation system of an anatomical site
ClickIt ER
ClickIt ER is a temporary emergency fixator used for the stabilization of complex fractures
STYLO Sterile Kit
Diabetic foot
New external fixation solution for the diabetic foot with osteomyelitis