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Long and/or short bone fracture fixation, open and/or closed, pelvic fractures; nonunion, pathologic fractures and tumor resections, fractures involving the joints (knee, hip, ankle).


Nonunion; axial limb corrections, limb lengthening, complex deformities.

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Light and Highly Resistant

The new disposable FEP has retained the strength characteristics of the multipurpose version in aluminum alloy and stainless steel, characterized by a lightness comparable to that of simple stabilizers yet is an external fixator that allows for any type of correction

Independent Corrections on Three Planes

The FEP allows a correction on 3 planes due to the fixator characteristics and the modularity of its accessories. The joint allows for a procurved-recurved correction and compression-distraction that allows for corrections of rotational defects. Finally, the micrometric regulators allow for varus-valgus correction. Any corrections can be made without losing the previous correction.

Intrinsic Material Elasticity

The FEP is made entirely of an aluminum alloy 7012 and has characteristics of elasticity that favor the reparative processes of the fracture site while ensuring the skeletal segment stability

Fixator ready for use according to the current Damage Control Guidelines

The disposable FEP kit is provided with a fixator body in three sizes (large, small and potential extra small), the clamps and self-drilling screws and is accompanied by dedicated instrumentation in a tray for trauma patient stabilization in the shortest possible time. Also, independent corrections on three planes.

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