FEP Modular Fixator

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The FEP Modular External Fixation System includes:

  • Fixator (bar, joint and compression/distraction section), joints, arcs, screws or clamps, and dynamization components.
  • The combination of these components assembled in the different available versions and sizes provides an excellent device for reconstruction and correction of bone segments.
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High-strength, lightweight

The multipurpose FEP manufactured of an aluminum alloy and stainless steel, has high strength and lightness characteristics, while being an external fixator that allows for any type of correction

Independent Corrections on three planes

The FEP allows for a correction on 3 planes thanks to the characteristics of the fixator and the modularity of its accessories. The joint allows for the correction of procurvatum-recurvatum and compression-distraction section allows for the correction of rotational defects. Finally, the micrometric regulators allow for the correction of varus-valgus. Any corrections can be performed without losing the previous correction

Intrinsic elasticity of the material

The aluminum alloy and stainless steel materials in the FEP give its elasticity characteristics to favor the reparative processes on the fracture site, while ensuring the stability of the skeletal segments

System Dynamics

The FEP in addition to ensuring an excellent coefficient of elasticity also has a dynamization system that, through the use of pre-calibrated cartridges, creates the connection between the elements of the fixator body, allowing a selective application of the callus on three planes.

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