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Professionalism, flexibility and innovation; these are the three characteristics of Mikai’s Research and Development.  Mikai focuses on the research and development of orthopedic products at every stage: from listening to a customer’s needs, to the design of an orthopedic device and through to its production.

Mikai strives to design innovative medical devices.  It relies on the professionalism of qualified personnel and the determination to find the best solutions to make easy to use and minimally invasive products. To maximize efficiency and speed, Mikai performs new product development in a simulated environment, using constantly updated software which ensures high reliability.

The increasing rapidity of the orthopedic/traumatology area brings endless possibilities, but also the requirement to responsibly select and use the most innovative technologies available in the market.  Mikai uses advanced technology for the analysis, engineering, prototyping and testing of each operational phase that lead to finished products.

Continual feedback from the customer allows the Mikai team to develop products with a high level of functionality after being field tested.  Continual testing, applied in each process of the production chain, ensure the perfect match between the medical device design and its realization.

PRODUCTSSurgical Medical devices

Hand Surgery

Mikai Hand, dedicated to the complex hand area with blood vessels, nerves and tendons all in direct contact to the bone

Orthopedic Surgery

Mikai Ortho, dedicated to orthopedic surgery for the correction of tibial varus and pediatric flatfoot

Diabetic Foot Treatment

Diabetic Foot, focuses on products enhanced for the treatment of disabling illnesses such as diabetic foot

Trauma Surgery

Mikai Trauma, dedicated to the treatment of urgent and planned trauma of the long bone and pelvis from accidents and trauma

Foot Surgery

Mikai Foot, dedicated to the treatment of foot pathologies especially using microsurgery

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