STYLO Sterile Kit

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  • Aluminum alloy 7012
  • Sterile Kit includes fixator, clamps, and screws
  • Multiplanar Joint that enables movements on each plane
  • Proximal compression-distraction unit
  • Clamps allow for 360° movement on 3 planes
  • Only one clamp for all size screws and k-wires
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Instrument set and tray dedicated to the complete range of Mikai hand and wrist fixators
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Strong and lightweight

Resistant and very lightweight, small footprint and completely modular

Independent corrections on three planes

The compression-distraction division is placed in a proximal position to facilitate a distraction without moving the ball joint from the center of the articulation

360° movement on all planes

The central joint and the clamps allow for a 360° movemenet on all planes

“Bridging” to “Non Bridging” configuration switching

A bridge arch allows for switching between “Bridging” and “Non Bridging” configurations

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