PTA (Progressive Tibial Alignment)

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Medial knee arthrosis degenerates faster if articular damage is associated with tibial varum and lateral ligament insufficiency.  In such cases, a metaphyseal realignment through tibial osteotomy can relieve pain and reduce effusion.  If performed in an early stage of deterioration, the surgery will greatly reduce the inevitable course of osteoarthritis and improve patient quality of life.
The dedicated PTA external fixation system is used for the correction of tibial varus through gradual distraction.
Using the PTA, surgery is simple, quick, and non-invasive with minimal rehab postop and rare but easily manageable complications.

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Lightweight and Durable

Manufactured in series 7000 aluminum alloy as well as being light and strong allowing for patient MRIs.

Exact and Gradual Correction

Instrumentation Tray

The instrumentation is contained in a tray with designated spaces to facilitate fast sterilization.

Quick Insertion

A template with a kirschner wire for screw insertion without fluoroscopy makes for easy positioning of the fixator following osteotomy.

Sterile kit

Is not occupied space in the OR, the device complete with clamps and screws is provided in a sterile kits ready for use

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