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External Fixation System Smart System used to treat diseases of the small segments, such as the metacarpals and phalanges (also available in a mini version for pediatric surgery).

The Smart System can be used for:

  • Elongations (bar-joint for distraction/compression mm by mm)
  • Angular adjustments (a 7 ° pivot with a nut for progressive rotations)
  • Pediatric (MiniSmart), structurally similar to the Smart System for lengthening
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Complete System

A modular external fixation system, indicated for the treatment of diseases, such as metacarpals and phalanges

Freedom of Implant

The system provides the possibility to insert the screws on several planes without further complications of the joint positioning

Smart System Elongation

It consists of a bar clamp that allows to verify the status of the elongation progress, decreasing the number of x-rays

Smart System Deformities

Useful in stiffness corrections due to the central joint with micrometric movements which allow for gradual adjustments

The Kit

The two systems, Smart System and Smart System Lengthening and Deformity are available in single sterile kits

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