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The device is manufactured almost entirely of aluminum alloy with an extremely easy and quick assembly and features a compression-distraction unit on each strut for gradual correction/lengthening at the anatomical site.

The connecting struts between the rings attach on the outside of the rings and are flush and streamlined thus allowing for easy k-wire and/or accessory placement while making all the holes available for use.

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External attachments

The semicircular ring is designed with two pairs of external attachments. The connection between the two semicircular rings is external with concealed countersunk screws that allow for the use of each hole.

Quick attachment

Quick strut attachment with concealed screws. Quick patented connection guarantees a reduction in assembly time.

Dedicated circular rings

Circular rings and circular segments designed with geometries dedicated to the segments of application

Quick and easy

System is characteristics by its extreme simplicity, ease of use and stability combined with a high compatibility with other systems


ClickIt CF comes with a wide range of useful accessories to resolve specific situations or complex surgeries

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