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Mikai has been in the medical device field for almost 40 years producing and marketing products for traumatology, synthesis and correction of bones and joints specialties.

The company was founded in 1978 with the ambition and spirit of challenge of medical device entrepreneurs who wanted to bring high-quality Italian products to the competitive orthopedic traumatology market.  Achieving this challenge allowed Mikai to establish itself in the surgical medical device sector with: excellent quality products, a wide array of devices dedicated to TRAUMA, HAND, ORTHO, SPINE and FOOT, highly technical skills and attention to detail.

Strongly focused on the research and development of innovative and technological solutions, Mikai has three divisions: Research and Development, Production and Customer Service located in Genoa and Vicenza, Italy. The highly innovative spirit upon which Mikai was founded is the same that motivates us today, and is present in every single product we design, develop and manufacture.

Mikai is involved in all phases of production. From laser scanning for 3D reproduction of internal project drawings presented from the technical office and CAD-CAM designs of the product to the manufacturing process ending in the machining plant, where man and technology work together to observe every detail and ensure the highest quality finished product.

Our mission

Mikai bases its success on the development of innovative products and solutions dedicated to the orthopedics-traumatology area that make our customers’ work easier, faster and safer for their patients. The power of ideas and the belief that one can achieve were, and still are, the engine that motivates a team effort created through listening, competency, professionality and scrupulous attention to detail.

Continually pushing technology to design better products and solutions with excellence in research, production and distribution of high quality products have allowed Mikai to become one of the more competitive and technologically advanced companies in orthopedics-traumatology.  In constant collaboration with surgeons, Mikai develops innovative devices in a professional team synergy with strict manufacturing specifications that are field tested leading to highly functional products.

The rapidly changing orthopedics-traumatology world brings endless possibilities, but also a need and responsibility to select the most innovative technologies available in the market. For this reason, our design development department is equipped with the most advanced software/mechanical technologies for analysis, engineering, prototyping and testing of each operational phase of the products manufactured by Mikai S.p.A.


Professionalism, flexibility and innovation. These three characteristics are the basis of the Mikai Research and Development department. The company participates in the research and development of orthopedics-traumatology products at every stage: from listening to the customer’s requirements, to the design of a surgical medical device and through to its production.

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PRODUCTSMedical Devices

Hand Surgery

Mikai Hand, a section dedicated to the hand, is a segment with complex structures such as blood vessels, nerves and tendons all with direct contact to bone

Orthopedic Surgery

Mikai Ortho, a section dedicated to orthopedic surgery, includes among other designed products one for the correction of tibial varus deformity and another for pediatric flatfoot

Spine Surgery

Mikai Spine, a section dedicated to solving spine disorders that can be treated by neuro and orthopedic surgeons

Long Bones and Pelvis

Mikai Trauma, a section dedicated to the treatment of emergency and non-urgent trauma cases of long bone and pelvic fractures, addresses the increasing accident trauma cases

Foot Surgery

Mikai Foot, a new section dedicated to the foot, is a segment with complex microsurgery where there are vessels, nerves and tendons

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